How to Negotiate the Price of Your Auto Insurance

You already know that you can shop around for different policies; that’s not the advice you’re looking for right now. In fact, perhaps you have checked into various policies, and none of them are giving you the price that you want. Still though, the amount of money that comes out of your bank account for auto insurance each month is too high. Learn how you can negotiate the price of your auto insurance.
Just Ask
Some people go into these conversations with a pugnacious attitude. As a result, they are left feeling frustrated, and they also don’t succeed in getting the auto insurance price that they want. When you feel as though you are paying too much for auto insurance, call your company to ask if lowering the price is an option. You may also ask what the steps you can take are to bring that price down; many auto insurance companies have suggestions.

Mention Your Affiliations
Some companies offer you a discount if you are affiliated with certain groups or organizations. You may also find that you can get money off on auto insurance because of your job. Ask your auto insurance company if any such discounts are available. Also, you should let the representative know what your affiliations are regardless. It is possible that doing so will job the representative’s memory of a deal for which you are eligible. On top of that, even if the discount isn’t available for auto insurance now, you can get it attached to your name in case that changes in the future.

Bring up Your Classes
Perhaps you have taken a class in defensive driving or another important driving skill, and you believe the completion of this course should land you with a discount on auto insurance. In fact, many auto insurance companies provide you with the information for classes because they specifically have deals that allow such courses to bring your auto insurance rate down.

Talk about Your Driving History
As you probably know, people who have higher auto insurance rates often have a poorer driving record. When you have a sold driving record and your auto insurance rate is still high, you should ask why that is happening. You should explain that your driving record is clean. It is entirely possible that the Department of Motor Vehicles made an error when reporting to your auto insurance company. You’ll need to speak to the DMV as soon as possible to get that issue cleared up.

Use Comparison Quotations
It’s also possible that you did some comparison shopping for other auto insurance plans, and you’re finding that you received a better rate from the other companies. You can use this information to negotiate if you would prefer to stay with your current auto insurance plan. In some cases, your current company might say that it cannot meet the other price quotations, but that is not always what happens.

Ask about Discounts for Lump Sum Payments
If you have the money to pay for your entire auto insurance policy up front, then you might qualify for a discount. Right now, you may pay for your auto insurance month-by-month, and that plan could potentially end up costing you more money in the long run. When you have some money in the bank, find out if the total amount of money that you pay can be lower if you pay for the six months right now.

Negotiating the price of your auto insurance policy does have some challenges that come along with it, but you can use these tips to possibly reduce the amount that you pay for auto insurance.