Getting Up To Speed On Your Texas Auto Insurance

The great state of Texas is a wide and sometimes contradictory land, with a great many fluctuations in the precise rules and regulations that govern its various parts. When it comes to procuring the proper amount of auto insurance for your vehicle, you should keep in mind that what you need in one part of the state may be far less than, or slightly more than, you would need in another area. However, when it comes to the basic rules and guidelines that govern the process of receiving auto insurance for your vehicle, these are quite basic and uniform throughout the state. See the link for more information:

What Is The Basic Minimum Of Auto Insurance Required In The State Of Texas?

The basic minimum of auto insurance that is required in the state of Texas breaks down into two categories. The first category will be the amount of minimum bodily injury liability insurance, which is officially set at between $30,000 and $60,000. A person who holds the minimum amount of insurance will naturally expect to pay a larger deductible than someone who has gotten themselves insured for the maximum amount. However, $30,000 worth of insurance in this category is enough to fulfill the legal requirement.

The second category of auto insurance that is mandatory in the state of Texas will be the minimum property damage liability, which is officially set at a required minimum of $25,000, with no legal maximum as to the amount of additional protection that you can purchase from a company. As noted above, the more protection a person purchases, the better they will be insured against the potentially ruinous financial after effects following the occurrence of some unfortunate accident.

It Is Not Lawful To Own Or Operate A Vehicle Without Auto Insurance

You should be fully aware that it is absolutely not lawful to own or operate a vehicle without auto insurance in the state of Texas. A person who is caught in the act of doing so will face severe penalties, including fines and the loss of driving privileges for a specified amount of time. The laws regarding the prohibition on driving without insurance are strict, draconian, and uniformly enforced, so it is not wise to contravene them.

You Will Need Proof Of Auto Insurance To Register A Car In Texas

Before you can register a newly purchased car under your own name, you will first need to provide adequate proof that you already possess at least the minimum level of auto insurance that is required by the state of Texas. You will need to provide a valid proof that you possess auto insurance when you go to register your new vehicle at the county Assessor-Collector in your location.

There Is No Grace Period To Purchase Auto Insurance After You Buy A Car

In many states of the Union, there is a 30 day grace period during which you have the opportunity to purchase auto insurance for your vehicle before it becomes illegal to drive without it. However, you should be fully aware that no such grace period exists in the state of Texas. You must show proof that you possess auto insurance simultaneously with your registration for your new vehicle, or else you will not be able to operate the vehicle in a legal fashion.

Other Rules And Restrictions May Apply

Keep in mind that the above list deals with only a few of the basic rules and regulations that are in place in the state of Texas. If you have further questions or concerns, it’s an excellent idea to contact the State Insurance Board and DMV for more detailed information.